In a 2-1 vote, the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the individual mandate in ObamaCare as "a valid exercise of legislative power by Congress under the Commerce Clause." The decision came in the case of Thomas More Law Center v. Barack Obama

Other legal challenges to ObamaCare are pending in the D.C. Circuit, Fourth Circuit and Eleventh Circuit, with the Supreme Court certain to have the final say on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 

We couldn't disagree more with the court's opinion handed down today. But today's decision underscores the importance that we don't sit on our hands, waiting for the court system to rescue us from the menacing behemoth of ObamaCare.

Repeal is the only certain way to undo the damage that has been and will continue to be done by this government take-over of private health care decisions.

Has your Congressman signed The Repeal Pledge, committing to do all that he or she can see ObamaCare fully repealed? Have your Senators signed?  Find out here.

Talk is cheap. We need people committed to action who can and will be held accountable.

The Repeal Pledge provides the mechanism to hold our politicians accountable. If your representatives in Congress haven't signed, call them today and ask that they add their name to The Repeal Pledge.  You can find your Congressman's phone number here and your Senators' phone numbers here.

We can't hope for the courts to bail us out of the ObamaCare nightmare. We need to keep fighting for repeal. And we need elected leaders who have demonstrated their commitment by signing The Repeal Pledge.