What if we told you that you could choose between two health care plans: For plan 1, the premium is $4,150 per year. The second plan will run you a flat $2,000. Which would you choose?

That answer seems pretty obvious, right? You'd choose the $2,000 plan. Simple economics.

Thanks to ObamaCare, this is the choice now facing businesses with regard to their health care costs. Continue providing health care coverage for their employees where the average total premium is $5,049 per year, and $4,150 of that is paid by the employer? Or, pay a $2,000 per worker fine for not providing health insurance and dump the employee in to the turbulent and uncertain waters of the as-yet-to-be-set-up state insurances exchanges that are supposed to get going in 2014?

An easy choice for employers, right? Simple economics.

And this is only the tip of the ObamaCare iceberg of unintended consequences and escalating costs. Remember the government's horrible track record when it comes to projecting costs. Medicare was predicted to cost only $12 billion by 1990. Its actual cost in 1990 was a whopping $107 billion. Oops.

ObamaCare will be no different; we can expect the same kinds of run-away costs. 

We need a Time-Out on ObamaCare implementation immediately.

The "Save Our States" Act will stop the implementation of this harmful, economically-perverse and unconstitutional legislation until all the the legal challenges to the law have been settled.

We need your help to send Congress a clear message.

Please sign our petition in support of the "Save Our States" Act today and tell Congress that you demand action!

We can't afford the cost of waiting to stop the implementation of ObamaCare.