Chairman Jim Jordan 
House Republican Study Committee 
1524 Longworth House Office Building 
Washington, DC 20515  

Re: Support for Cut, Cap, Balance 

Dear Chairman Jordan: 

Independent Women's Voice applauds your efforts to insist that any agreement on a debt ceiling increase include the three-part requirement of:  

a) Congressional passage of immediate and substantial cuts to address our current deficit,  

b) Congressional passage of durable statutory spending caps to reduce spending to its historic range of 18%-20% of GDP, and   

c) A serious balanced budget amendment that includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, which can then go to the states for ratification.  

Too often, those who claim to speak for women suggested that any reduction in government spending is a “war on women” and that women benefit from cradle-to-grave government support. However, IWV knows that millions of American women have a very different perspective.   

They know that runaway government spending and debt are a drag on economic growth and the future prospects for our children.  They know that as government grows, it takes more out of the private sector, making it harder for businesses to create jobs and keep their doors open. These millions of American women know that those currently unemployed don't want handouts; they want jobs that will allow them to support themselves and their families, and put them on a track to fulfilling their dreams.  

American women don't want to leave the next generation a legacy of debt and stifled opportunities.  Restoring government to its proper size is the first step to allowing the private sector to flourish again.   

The Independent Women's Voice, and the millions of women that we know share our values, commend the members of the Republican Study Committee for taking important steps to create a system that will require Washington to rethink government's current spending commitments and discourage future politicians from once again burying our country in debt for their false short term political promises.  We applaud you, Chairman Jordan, for your leadership in advancing these important goals.  We know that together we can once again make America the land of opportunity.   


Heather R. Higgins 
President and CEO
Independent Women's Voice