This past weekend, we celebrated the 235th birthday of this remarkable nation.

What our Founding Fathers achieved through the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution and the US Constitution was nothing short of remarkable. The American Revolution was far from the first revolution in the history of humanity. But it was unique in that it was the first revolution that didn't simply replace one tyrant with another. It was the first revolution to truly free man's mind and engage in a grand experiment: self-governance.

While our unalienable rights are clearly endowed to us by our creator on paper, they have been hard won in practice. We must always stay vigilant and remember, as Ronald Reagan said, that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

Today, we fight a new battle for independence: The independence from a government take-over of our health care decisions.

Can you aid us in this fight? Your contribution of just $25 will give us the resources we need to continue the fight to repeal ObamaCare.

American innovators pioneered the most advanced, remarkable, life-saving medical procedures and technological advancements.  They were able to do so thanks to the personal and economic freedom this country provided that allowed them to create, innovate and discover the best ways to serve one another.

This is the fundamental danger of ObamaCare. In giving power and control to the government in making health care decisions, they are taken out of the hands of the doctors and innovators who develop new technologies and new methods of treatment. And private health care decisions are taken out of the hands of doctors and patients, as government bureaucrats are wrongly inserted between the two.

We must keep up the fight for repeal and independence from ObamaCare.

But we can't win the fight for independence from ObamaCare without your help. Will you stand with us in this fight today by making a $25 dollar contribution?

As we celebrate the remarkable innovation that is America, we must remember that it is up to us to protect freedom and liberty for future generations.

It is up to us to win the fight for individual choice and control in our health care decisions.

It is up to us to win the fight to REPEAL ObamaCare.

Will you stand with us?