With all of the political chicanery, omitted costs, shifted premiums from other entitlements and the exceptionally dubious "spending cuts" and revenue (read: tax) increases in ObamaCare, we knew from the get-go that President Obama's promise that his health care legislation would "bend the cost curve down" was disingenuous and factually wrong.

And now, what we already knew has been confirmed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Rather than bend the cost curve down, total spending on health care is projected to grow annually by 5.8 percent under ObamaCare. Without the law, spending would still grow, albeit at a slightly lower rate of 5.7%.  Medicare spending alone is projected to grow by a whopping 20%, compared with a 9.4% increase in private sector spending.

And there's all the reason in the world to believe that spending under ObamaCare will blow through these projections and grow even faster.

In addition to further fueling already skyrocketing health care costs, ObamaCare does even more harm by increasing the government's total share of the health care bill. Government spending on health care in 2010 was 45%. By 2020, it's expected to near 50%.

This underscores the need to not just repeal ObamaCare, but to reform the American health care system in a manner that utilizes the free market and competition to bring down costs, and puts more spending decisions in the hands of the people who use the services.

With The Repeal Pledge, we have provided the tool with which citizens can hold their legislators accountable to undoing the damage that has been done already through ObamaCare, and preventing further harm in coming years.

We need more than just rhetoric from Congress. We need action and accountability.

Has your Congressman signed the Pledge? Have your Senators? Find out by going here.

If they've signed, send them a message thanking them. If they haven't signed, call them today and ask that they sign on.

Remind them that, as they debate a debt ceiling increase and America's omnipresent debt and spending crisis, there's a new major driver in government spending that's bending the health care cost curve up: ObamaCare.