Last week, the House of Representatives turned their focus to one of the most nefarious elements of ObamaCare: The Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB.

Why is it the most nefarious part of this unwanted and unconstitutional government take-over of our health care decisions? IPAB empowers 15 unelected government bureaucrats with the mission of reducing the per capita growth of Medicare spending.

Instead of empowering patients and health care consumers with more choice and more control in how their health care dollars are spent, ObamaCare entrusts those choices to 15 so-called "experts" who supposedly know better than you how your money should be spent.

While the starry-eyed optimists who crafted ObamaCare say that any reductions in Medicare spending will be made in a way that won't impact the quality of care patients receive, we know just how worthless are those kinds of government-made promises.

Great Britain — which has long endured government-run health care run amuck — has their own version of IPAB: The Orwellianly-named National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, or NICE for short.

In NICE's efforts to control health care spending, they have denied numerous potentially life-saving drug treatments for patients because they have  determined them to not be cost-effective.  Isn't that nice?

We've already seen the FDA recommend against approval of the potentially life-saving cancer treatment drug Avastin. And we've seen the US Preventative Services Task Force change the recommendations for regular mammogram screenings, all the name of controlling costs.

This is merely a preview of what IPAB has in store for us.

As people continue to learn about the dangers of ObamaCare, like IPAB, our movement to repeal this harmful legislation will continue to grow!