Just in time for August recess, Independent Women’s Voice has released a series of informational handouts on ObamaCare.  The flyers focus on a range of topics from changes to health insurance, changes to Medicare, impact on the national debt, to Constitutional challenges, and how to join the movement for repeal.

Our hope is that citizens will find the one-page handouts helpful as they continue the conversation about health reform with their lawmakers.  Each flyer includes a suggested list of questions to ask Members of Congress – particularly useful during recess when Members will be at home, perhaps addressing the public or hosting town hall meetings.

Part of our mission at Independent Women’s Voice is to empower American women and their families with the knowledge they need about Washington’s complex public policies.  Weighing in at 3,000 pages, the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is among the most complex, destructive laws in American history.  It’s imperative that Americans continue to fight back against government-run health care by working toward full repeal of ObamaCare.

You can download printable PDF documents of IWV's ObamaCare handouts here:

Download "How will ObamaCare add to the national debt?"

Download "Does ObamaCare violate my Constitutional rights?"

Download "How will ObamaCare change my health care?"

Download "How will ObamaCare change my Medicare?"

Download "How can I help repeal ObamaCare?"