Elections matter, and elections have consequences.

The last few years have clearly demonstrated that to be true.  If we are to beat back the encroachment of government on our personal and economic liberty, then we need to ensure that Americans are trained on the fundamentals of successful political operations.

Our friends at American Majority recognize this need.  To meet it, they have announced September 17th, Constitution Day, will be their first ever "Training Bomb" — a massive effort to help local activists and organizations prepare for real and effective action to bring about real change.

Click on the image below to find a training session in your area and sign up today!

The goal of American Majority's Training Bomb is to educate and engage as many rank-and-file volunteers and activists as possible.  Curriculum for activists and for candidates will be offered at all locations.

If you want to reduce the size and scope of government, turn back encroachments on our liberty like ObamaCare, and restore America to its prescribed Constitutional limitations on the federal government, there's no better place to learn how than from our friends at American Majority.

Sign up for the Training Bomb today.  Together we can, and will, make the right change a reality in America.