ObamaCare has never been more unpopular than it is right now.

That's according to a new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll which shows that only a meager 39% of those surveyed have a favorable view of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And, importantly, Democrat and Independent support for ObamaCare have both fallen to all-time lows, 60% and 33% respectively.

What's even more interesting about the Kaiser poll is who they surveyed: Americans currently without health insurance. The people whom ObamaCare was supposedly crafted to help remain unconvinced with only 31% believing it will help them get health care and 14% expecting to be hurt by the law.

But wait, there's more!

recent survey by Rasmussen Reports finds Independents fervently in support of repealing ObamaCare by a margin of 58%-37%. And the overall margin favoring repeal has reached a new high of 20 points as most people believe this government take-over of private health care decisions will drive up premiums, health care costs and the national debt.

ObamaCare is poised to be a seminal issue in the 2012 elections. With Americans already focused on America's spending and debt crisis, it will be impossible to ignore how ObamaCare adds fuel to the debt and spending fire already burning out of control. Any plan to right our fiscal ship will have to include repeal of ObamaCare.

We can make repeal a reality. And Independent Women's Voice is providing the tools necessary to achieve that goal.

The Repeal Pledge gives voters the mechanism they need to hold their representatives in Congress accountable for their actions. We need more than talk. We need action.

Visit The Repeal Pledge today. See if your Congressman and Senators have signed.

If they have, thank them. If they haven't, contact them today and tell them that to earn your vote, they'll have to take The Repeal Pledge.