The saying goes that politics makes for strange bedfellows. It would seem that this is one of those moments.

Appearing last Sunday on "The Chris Matthews Show," formerNewsweek Chief Political Correspondent and current Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor Howard Fineman had this to say when asked to identify President Obama's biggest mistake:

"Chris, on things under his control, not the wars so much because they were built in, his decision to spend all of his political capital in a year and a half of his time on the healthcare reform law I think was his biggest political mistake."

Not to be outdone, David Ignatius of the Washington Post went on to echo that same sentiment:

"The idea of launching a major change in social legislation without having a consensus in the country and in Congress about what that should look like was a mistake. That's just not how a president makes good policy."

Fineman and Ignatius may only feel that ObamaCare is a mistake because it has proven politically inconvenient for President Obama, and not because it is an unwanted and unnecessary government take-over of private health care decisions that hikes taxes and will add billions, if not trillions, to the national debt.  But it's none the less remarkable that even those in the media who cheered along as this noxious legislation was forced through Congress are recognizing reality: ObamaCare is not and has never been popular with the American people.

According to the most recent poll from Rasmussen Reports, a full 57% of people favor repeal of ObamaCare. Beyond that, 54% say that they believe repeal is likely to happen. Not only is public opinion on the side of repeal, we have the momentum, as well.

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