Following the announcement that the Supreme Court of the United States will hear the legal challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — better known as ObamaCare — in this term, Independent Women's Voice President & CEO Heather Higgins today released the following statement:

"With Supreme Court review of ObamaCare now imminent, all implementation should be immediately suspended until the court has rendered their ruling. With the nation now nearly $15 trillion in debt, we simply cannot afford the cost of building the bureaucracy and implementing this government take-over of private health care decisions only to have it later overturned as unconstitutional.

"ObamaCare was never wanted by the American people, and it has been massively unpopular from the onset. Today, it is as unpopular as ever.

"Last week, in what will be the last expression of popular will before the Supreme Court hears arguments on ObamaCare, the people of Ohio voted overwhelmingly to affirm that no government should have the right to mandate that American citizens purchase a government-approved health insurance product. This vote in Ohio sent an unmistakable message to the Supreme Court that the American people reject this central tenant of ObamaCare and ObamaCare as a whole.

"Americans are counting on the Supreme Court to overturn ObamaCare. Is the Court listening?"