Tomorrow, voters in Ohio will have a unique opportunity to deal a stinging rebuke to ObamaCare.

On November 8th, when Ohio voters go to the polls to decide "Issue 3" — the Ohio Health Care Freedom Ballot Initiative — they won't just be voting to block the mandated purchase of a government-approved health insurance product in their state.  And they won't just be preserving their right to choose their health care and health insurance for themselves.

They will also be sending a message to the Supreme Court, who will soon hear the constitutional challenge to ObamaCare.

But we need your help to be sure that we're victorious.

Can you make a contribution today of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more if you can, to give us the funds we need to make a difference in the final week before this important vote?

Most people in Ohio are still unaware that Issue 3 is on the ballot and unaware of its great importance.  Your contribution will help us make sure Ohio voters are informed and will help us get out the vote on November 8th.

According to a new poll from the left-leaning Kaiser Family Foundation, support for ObamaCare is at an all-time low. A majority of Americans now have an unfavorable view of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and only 34% view it favorably.

Now is the time and Ohio is the place. Remember: This vote on Issue 3 is the last expression of popular will on ObamaCare before the Supreme Court will hear the challenge to the law.

Time is running out. Only one week remains. We must be victorious in Ohio.

And you can help us win. Your contribution today to our efforts will help us reach Ohioans to make sure they're aware of this important issue on the ballot.

Stand with us today and send a message loud and clear to the the Supreme Court that the American people don't want this unconstitutional monstrosity called ObamaCare.