Remember the CLASS Act?

Back in October of 2011, the Obama administration had to pull the plug on the CLASS act — the health care law's provision to provide for long-term insurance for assisted living. The CLASS Act had collapsed under it's own weight and sheer unworkability. Since it would be impossible to show that CLASS would be both affordable and fiscally solvent for the next 75 years, it was abandoned.

This just again demonstrates how hastily ObamaCare was forced through Congress against the will of the American people, and how ill-conceived is this piecemeal, government take-over of private health care decisions.

Yet, the Department of Health & Human Services continued to defend CLASS — as they do the entire law — and insist they could meet the law's mandates. At least, they did right up until three months ago when they were forced to give up the ghost.

Over at our sister organization Independent Women's Forum's InkWell blog, Charlotte Hays reminds us that the specter of CLASS still haunts ObamaCare.

The Obama administration may have abandoned the unworkable program, but it still remains as part of ObamaCare, on the books, and lurking.

We know CLASS is unaffordable and completely unworkable. Even the Department of Health and Human Services has been forced to admit as much. And the only way to make sure that CLASS doesn't rise like a phoenix from its ashes is to get rid of it entirely.

Our project to advance the cause of repealing ObamaCare — The Repeal Pledge — promotes full repeal of the entire bill. But the elected officials that have signed it have also taken a pledge to vote for measures that seek to repeal the bill in whole or in part.

Now, the House Ways and Means Committee is about to consider legislation that would repeal the CLASS Act, forever extricating this one unsustainable fiscal nightmare from the greater unsustainable fiscal nightmare that is ObamaCare.

Please contact your Congressman today. Tell him or her we need to repeal the CLASS Act on our way to achieving full repeal of ObamaCare.  (And ask him or her to sign The Repeal Pledge if they haven't already.)

Rest assured that the same people who thought the CLASS Act was a good idea in the first place are currently devising ways to bring it back. The only way to ensure that doesn't happen is to be rid of CLASS permanently.