What is the impact of ObamaCare on small businesses? Fewer jobs.

A new survey just out from the US Chamber of Commerce showed that a whopping 74% of small business owners say that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act makes it more difficult for them to hire additional employees.

Thanks to ObamaCare, small businesses are now swimming in a sea of uncertainty, regulations and bureaucratic red tape. They're facing a potential $52 billion in new taxes that will be imposed on businesses as a part of the ObamaCare's mandates.

In short, ObamaCare is striking fear in the hearts of small business owners.

And that's not just bad news for businesses—that's bad news for workers and the American economy. Small business has long been an engine of economic growth and job creation. ObamaCare is one reason this engine has stalled.

Most Americans are aware that ObamaCare will reduce the amount of choice and control people have in their health care decisions on an individual level. Fewer understand that businesses face a similar problem. ObamaCare will reduce the ability of employers to to expand their businesses lest they have to take on the burdensome costs of complying with ObamaCare.

Less small business expansion means less production from small businesses. And that means fewer choices for consumers in the marketplace.

The biggest take-away from the US Chamber's survey is the message small businesses are sending to Washington: Get out of our way.

Small business can help bring us out of these economic doldrums and bring down the high employment we've been experiencing as a nation for far too long.

And to begin to unleash that power, we need to repeal ObamaCare and lift the onerous mandates and taxes it places on small businesses and their owners.

It's time to set small business free. It's time to repeal ObamaCare.