We know you are frustrated. We are too. Even though an overwhelming majority of Americans want to see ObamaCare repealed, Washington continues to ignore us. Now, even some members of the Republican Leadership in Congress are not taking us as seriously as they should! But we have some exciting news that can change that.

For the first time, a graphic has been put together that illustrates just how dangerous ObamaCare will become if left unchecked. For months our organization, the Independent Women’s Voice, has been petitioning Congress, demanding a time-out on ObamaCare. While we have had some success, we knew we could do more. That is why we put together an easy to understand graphic that is ready to share.

Americans overwhelmingly oppose President Obama and the Democrats bailing out private insurance companies with $350 billion in subsidies, giving waivers to political cronies so they can opt-out of ObamaCare, and the idea that Washington bureaucrats will be in control of our family’s health care is frightening.

Stop asking our politicians to halt ObamaCare.


Can you take the first step and help us spread the word about this new informational graphic? Take a look at the graphic we have put together. It illustrates the horrors of our health care system if Congress does not act soon.

We know you have read similar emails, heard the political rhetoric, and signed petitions before—but this initiative is picking up real steam. With your help, we can get even more of the media’s attention, and make it even more difficult for Washington to ignore us. View the infographic and share it with everyone you know. We must not let Obama and his media allies win.