Knowledge is power.

Yet, more than 2 years after the large and complicated health care legislation (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PPACA) was passed and signed into law, misconceptions and vague understandings about some of the laws key provisions still exist.

Yet there is much confusions as to whom these provisions affect and, just as importantly, at what cost.

As the Supreme Court's ruling on health care looms, we have launched a new educational project,, to arm you with the facts to better understand the consequences individuals, families and small businesses will face under the PPACA.

Many hot-button issues are at stake and highlights specific facts and the significance of certain provisions that are generally talk about only as having benefits, but which are already resulting in fewer options, increased cost, and additional burdens.

In three different short quizzes, all of which are sourced, you'll get to know the critical details that are left out of the public's eye.

Quizzes focus on three key areas:

– How many people are covered
– Coverage for under-26 year olds
– Pre-existing conditions and guaranteed insurance

Visit today and take the quizzes to test your knowledge and arm yourself with some of ObamaCare's most misunderstood parts.