The Supreme Court has ruled.  And now the 2012 elections will be defined by the issue of ObamaCare and the importance of repealing this government take-over of our private health care decisions.

Now, you can support our efforts to build a coalition in Congress that will fully and completely repeal ObamaCare, and to show our thanks we'll send you a "NObamaCare" bumper sticker for you to display your support for repeal and candidates who have taken the Repeal Pledge!

For just a $10 contribution to Independent Women's Voice and our efforts, we'll send you one* of these bumper stickers so that you can let everyone know where you stand on ObamaCare repeal — and that you support candidates who have signed The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge to show that they are truly serious about turning back this law.

Don't wait! Get your "NObamaCare" bumper sticker today!

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* Limit one per contributor