The Honorable John Boehner
Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Speaker Boehner,

Thank you for your work in the U.S. House of Representatives to push back on the President’s federal takeover of American health care through the Orwellian “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and for ensuring that tomorrow the House will vote again to repeal this monstrosity of a law. On behalf of Independent Women's Voice and the more than 262,000 citizens who’ve signed The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge (, we endorse H.R. 6079, the Repeal of ObamaCare Act, and urge Congress to pass it.

The Administration claims popular support for aspects of this law, but that support is based on partial information that leaves out the costs and failures of the purported benefits. But n the wake of the Supreme Court decision, Independent Women’s Voice commissioned a poll of 800 randomly selected likely female voters. Although the sample was 45 percent Democrats and 31 percent Republicans, these women still favored ObamaCare repeal 56-38. And that response comes despite woeful unawareness of key realities:

• Only 25 percent of the women we surveyed knew that just by itself, the age-26 rule mandating insurers accept adult children has added to premium costs for the average family, even if they are childless, by between $150 and $450.

• Only 36 percent knew that this provision has already resulted in some employers dropping all types of dependent coverage to avoid these additional costs.

• Only 18 percent knew that spending on the program is more than double what was promised. • Only 21 percent knew that enrollment in the law’s pre-existing condition pool – estimated to include 700,000 individuals – had only enrolled 56,000.

• Only 12 percent knew that the law required people with even chronic pre-existing conditions to go uninsured for six months before becoming eligible for the pool.

• Only 22 percent knew that insurance companies are already abandoning child-only policies because they cannot afford to comply with the pre-existing condition provision.

• Only 32 percent knew that even after full implementation, the law leaves 23 million people – almost half of the total uninsured, and the reason given for passage – without coverage.

Imagine how many more Americans will support repeal when they learn these facts. Independent Women’s Voice urges Congress not only to pass the Repeal of ObamaCare Act, but also to truly reform, not just replace, a broken medical system.


Heather R. Higgins 
President & CEO
Independent Women’s Voice

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