Independent Women's Voice Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer today called out the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for funding Charlie Wilson's War. No, not that Charlie Wilson. No, not that war, either. 
"Everyone remembers 'Charlie Wilson's War,'" said Schaeffer, "because it was a great book, and a pretty good movie, about one Congressman's determination to cut through the bureaucratic maze to provide significant U.S. military assistance to Afghan freedom fighters defending themselves against Soviet helicopter gunships. Sadly, there's a new 'Charlie Wilson's War' — except this time, a better name for it might be 'Charlie Wilson's War … on Women.’
“For a party that’s been loudly – and falsely – claiming that their opponents are ‘waging a war on women,’ this is rather … what’s the word, ‘hypocritical?’ ‘Brazen?’ ‘Shameless?’” Schaeffer continued. “I mean, I’m a grown-up, I know ‘politics ain’t bean bag,’ and all that,” Schaeffer said. “But really, don’t there have to be SOME standards around here?”
Earlier this week, the DCCC announced it would be placing former Congressman Charlie Wilson on its “Red-to-Blue” program for favored Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, despite the fact that Mr. Wilson lost his 2010 reelection bid amidst revelations that he allegedly physically attacked and beat his wife when she refused his order that she step down from her position on the board of the American Heart Association.
“This gives a double meaning of “red to blue” – the progression of a developing bruise,” added Schaeffer.
In addition to enjoying DCCC support, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s leadership PAC had contributed $8,000 to Wilson’s campaign.
“For Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC to turn a blind eye to a man who sent his wife to the hospital, and then claim the OTHER side is engaging in a ‘war on women’ just shows how craven they are. Truly, this is beyond despicable, and it puts the lie to everything else they’ve claimed,” Schaeffer declared. “If they’re so desperate to defeat their opponents that they’ll willingly turn themselves into the butt of rather obvious jokes, what else are they willing to do? We at IWV don’t care to find out.”