In a letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 33 members of the Repeal Coalition – including Heather R. Higgins of Independent Women's Voice, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, and Phil Kerpen of American Commitment – insist Congress, at minimum as part of the continuing resolution and in fiscal negotiations with the White House, delay all 2014 ObamaCare provisions (including mandates, subsidies, and taxes). The signees say the structure at the heart of ObamaCare is simply not ready. (VIEW PDF


Dear Speaker Boehner & Leader McConnell,

With the clock ticking to open enrollment on October 1, it is abundantly clear to members of the Repeal Coalition that the structure at the heart of PPACA is simply not ready. To help the American people avoid getting hit by what Senator Max Baucus memorably referred to as "a huge train wreck coming down," we the undersigned urge you to insist on, at minimum as part of any final deal, a one-year delay of all 2014 provisions (including mandates, subsidies, and taxes) in the upcoming CR and in fiscal negotiations with the White House.

1. Mandates. The president has already delayed the mandate for the biggest corporations unilaterally, although his legal authority to do so is questionable. Congress should lift the legal cloud on that delay and extend the same relief to individuals and small businesses by delaying the individual mandate. It is wrong to force people to participate in a system that is simply not ready.

2. Subsidies. Without a complete, workable verification system to protect taxpayers it would be reckless to allow tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to flow in subsidies. And there is a real risk that navigators, in their zeal to enroll people, will accidentally or even intentionally induce people to accept subsidies for which they do not qualify, risking steep IRS fines and audits. The money should not flow when the law's verification provisions are not ready to be enforced.

3. Taxes. The American people should not be forced to pay higher taxes for a system that isn't ready.

Kevin Counihan, chief executive of Connecticut's state exchange, has repeatedly said: "I wish we had one more year." With the train wreck coming, millions of Americans feel the same way. We therefore urge you to insist on a one-year delay and we will strongly support all efforts to include one on any long-term continuing resolution, extenders package, or other negotiated budget deal this fall.


Phil Kerpen, American Commitment 

Heather Higgins, Independent Women’s Voice

Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform

James Capretta, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Grace Marie Turner, Galen Institute

Avik Roy, National Review

Colin Hanna, Let Freedom Ring

Ken Hoagland, Restore America’s Voice

Brian Baker, Ending Spending

David Williams, Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Betsy McCaughey, author, Beating Obamacare

Jim Martin, 60 Plus Association

Gregory T. Angelo, Log Cabin Republicans

David Wallace, Restore America’s Mission

Andrew Langer, Institute for Liberty

Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America

Lanhee Chen, Hoover Institution

Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach Peter Ferrara

Ari Winokur, The Harbour League

Mario H. Lopez, Hispanic Leadership Fund

George Landrith, Frontiers of Freedom

Peter J. Thomas, The Conservative Caucus

Tom Schatz, Citizens Against Government Waste

Eric Novack, Health Freedom Coalition

Brandon Arnold, National Taxpayers Union

Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express

Kerri Toloczko, Beyond Repeal

Kathryn A. Serkes, Doctor Patient Medical Association

Krista Kafer, Colorado Future Project

Seton Motley, Less Government

David McKalip, MD, Doctors for Patient Freedom

Peter Ferrara

Jack Williams, Alabama State Representative

Patrick Randy, Alabama Christian Coalition

Marty Connors, Alabama Center-Right Coalition Chairman

Ron Nehring, San Diego Center-Right Coalition Chairman

Tina Pisenti, Cascade Policy Institute

Jon Nigbor, Consumer Care Corporation

Jack Boyle, Ohio Prosperity Initiative

Darcie Johnston, Vermonters for Healthcare Freedom

Rick Watson, Florida Center-Right Coalition Chairman

Charlie Gerow, Pennsylvania Center-Right Coalition Chairman

David McKalip, MD, St. Petersburg, FL