Here's the video from this afternoon's press conference on legislation proposed by Sen. Vitter to end the Washington Exemption from ObamaCare. Hadley Heath from IWV joined the press conference. Her full remarks are below.



I’m Hadley Heath, from Independent Women’s Voice. We run the ObamaCare Repeal Coalition, the Repeal Pledge on Obamacare, and have a petition up at

We and countless other groups and millions of Americans are deeply concerned about what will happen to our healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. 

We know it will be rife with problems, higher costs, fewer doctors, lower innovation, while being rife with political favoritism as we have already seen time and again with countless waivers and exemptions. 

The law makes it clear that Congress is to be treated just like any other employee who has lost their employer-based insurance and now has to go onto the exchanges and pay those costs; the proposed ruling gives special treatment to Congress that no one else receives.

If Congress doesn’t want to live under this law as written, then they can delay the law for everyone, not just selectively for themselves. 

That’s why 45 different organizations signed this letter supporting this legislation and the fairness principle it embodies.  It is shameful that Sen. Reid would not even allow a vote on this legislation, nor ever even describe it properly.  92% of the American public thinks this special Washington Exemption is grossly unfair and says: No!

And they're right, because in America, no man or woman is above the law. Not even Congress.