Friends of IWV–  I thought I'd share some pretty exciting news about IWV's President and CEO Heather Higgins.  She’s dismissing it as really not being about her, but a testament to the power of our issues and arguments, but I still wanted you to know that she has been recognized as one of Campaigns & Elections 50 Most Influential People, and we at IWF and IWV are very proud of her and our organizations' work.


Heather knows the scope of the problem created by ObamaCare, and that the right arguments can help people understand why we need to move in another direction. Through Independent Women's Voice, we have created a number of projects from NoWashingtonExemption that calls for changes to make sure Congress has to live under ObamaCare, just like the rest of us, to ObamaCareTimeout in support of a one-year delay of the law to spare families the taxes, penalties and risks to their personal data.  And of course, IWV created the Repeal Pledge, signed by more than 240,000 Americans, which calls for the complete repeal of this horrendous law so we can take the country in a better direction, with true patient-centered reforms that give families and doctors more choices and control of their health.

Most recently, we launched to give the millions of Americans losing their health care plans a place to tell their story. The Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook have attracted thousands of followers, and are just the first wave of this project.

Going into 2014, Heather and our team at IWV will be looking to have a big impact by educating the key constituencies of Independents and Women about the need to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with market-oriented, patient-centered health care solutions.  Through our newly launched Independent Women’s Network (IWN) – a grassroots project to win hearts and minds of women and men – we will work to create an informed and engaged electorate.

Heather will be presented with this distinct award at Campaigns & Elections' Influencers 50 Gala on Saturday, December 7th at the Mayflower Hotel.

We all appreciate your support!  



Victoria Coley

Director of Communications

Independent Women's Voice