(Washington, D.C.) — Mitch McConnell, has signed Independent Women’s Voice’s ObamaCare Repeal Pledge. 

Heather Higgins, President of IWV, said, “Sen. McConnell has long been a staunch advocate and leader in the Senate for full repeal of ObamaCare. He understood from the beginning the very real harms it would bring, and has made it a priority to 

keep the GOP conference united against it since we first worked with him on this in 2009. We are delighted that he has chosen to make his commitment crystal clear by signing the Repeal Pledge. We note further that he did so in February, even before the Jolly victory in FL-13 made the importance of this issue so apparent.  We hope that every other Senatorial candidate and incumbent, both in Kentucky and nationally, who wants to truly represent the American people and do what they’ve promised to go to Washington to do, will follow the Senator’s lead and sign the Repeal Pledge as well.”

“While the President promised that if Americans liked their plan they could keep it, every day we see how ObamaCare is hurting Americans,” added Hadley Heath, health care policy analyst at Independent Women's Voice.  “And it will only get worse.”

The Repeal Pledge advocates not just repeal, but defunding, deauthorizing, and dismantling the misleadingly-titled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enacted in early 2010.  The Repeal Pledge was designed as a litmus test to help the American public understand which candidates and office holders are serious about repeal, versus those who claim to be but won't actually take action.

Signers of the Repeal Pledge believe that this law cannot be "fixed," and that stopping its implementation and ultimately repealing it are necessary first steps to ensure that citizens and their doctors, not government bureaucrats, have choice and control over their health care, and that medical care in our country becomes more affordable and available.

Independent Women’s Voice is a 501 (c) (4) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for mainstream women, men and families.  IWV is an affiliate organization of the Independent Women’s Forum.