Creating Significantly More Losers Than Winners


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Four years ago President Obama's signature law – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as ObamaCare) – was signed into law. Today, Americans are not celebrating its inception, rather, they are dealing with very serious repercussions of the law. Independent Women's Voice Health Policy Director Hadley Heath released the following statement:

"For the past four years, we have analyzed, researched, and discussed the ill-effect that ObamaCare would have on our health care system, our freedoms, and our economy.  But now, it is personal and it is real.  

"Now, we are witnessing the impact this misguided law has on Americans.  Real American families and businesses are experiencing disastrous consequences: insurance cancellations, premium hikes, soaring deductibles, security breaches, broken doctor-patient relationships, limited doctor networks, and businesses are forced to eliminate the number of full-time employees by eliminating jobs or cutting worker hours.  These are not just symptoms of a federal reform that has been poorly executed, but they illustrate the new normal: ObamaCare creates significantly more losers than winners. It hurts more Americans than it will ever help.

"To add insult to injury, politicians like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and columnists like Paul Krugman seek to deny and conceal the very real anguish of so many Americans who are being harmed by ObamaCare. They say these real-life experiences that Americans are sharing are "all untrue," that the horror is all "hooey."  But we've talked to those who have experienced real harm, read about families who are choosing between health care or food, and seen many individual accounts of ObamaCare's aftermath through our My Canellation project.  We know these stories are not made up.  They're real, and they need to be heard.

"There is truly nothing to celebrate about ObamaCare; it is a pervasive law and it is causing real people real harm. Elected officials in Washington and candidates seeking support of their constituents must open their ears and their hearts to the stories of those affected – patients losing insurance they liked, or worse, losing coverage for doctors, hospitals, or drugs they need.

"This isn't a political debate anymore.  It's a personal crisis for millions of Americans, and it's time to do what we can to undo the damage ObamaCare is causing and to replace it with market-based solutions to put control back in the hands of the American people." 

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