(Washington, D.C.) — Beverly Gossage, GOP primary candidate in Kansas' Insurance Commissioner race, has signed Independent Women’s Voice’s ObamaCare Repeal Pledge.

"Beverly Gossage's decision to take The Repeal Pledge shows voters that, when it comes to health care, she gets it –- she understands what former Kansas Insurance Commissioner and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius did not — that ObamaCare will lead to bigger government and less freedom, will place government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients, and will limit patients' choice and control."

"As the weight of ObamaCare bears down on the states, the role of insurance commissioner is more important now than ever. Mrs. Gossage signature on the Repeal Pledge demonstrates her commitment to voters that she will continue to educate the public on the dangers of federal overreach in health care and advocate for genuine reform. Voters in Kansas should elect an Insurance Commissioner who can advocate for their interests in Topeka as well as DC," said Heather Higgins, President & CEO of Independent Women’s Voice.

The Repeal Pledge advocates not just repeal, but defunding, deauthorizing, and dismantling the misleadingly-titled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enacted in early 2010. The Repeal Pledge was designed as a litmus test to help the American public understand which candidates and office holders are serious about repeal, versus those who claim to be but won't actually take action.

Signers of the Repeal Pledge believe that this law cannot be "fixed" and that stopping its implementation and ultimately repealing it are necessary first steps to ensure that citizens and their doctors, not government bureaucrats, have choice and control over their health care, and that medical care in our country becomes more affordable and available.
For more information on The Repeal Pledge, including a complete list of signers, please visit TheRepealPledge.com.

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