SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (ABC 4 Utah) – A national poll suggests the Affordable Care Act could play a big role in shaping the next U.S. Congress.

With control of the senate at stake, the poll finds one issue gives republican candidates a built in advantage.

"As voters head to the polls they will be thinking about Obamacare, especially those who report that they have had personal impact with the law," said Hadley Manning, with Independent Women’s Voice. 

Public Opinion Strategies surveyed 1000 likely voters in 43 congressional swing districts on the likely electoral impact of the ACA.

It found GOP candidates have a 10 point lead in republican leaning districts, a 7 point lead in toss up races and a 1 point lead in districts that lean democrat.

Manning says participants are clear in their opposition to the law and the poll offers insight into why.

"It's largely a pocketbook issue with maybe a secondary response from people that it's an ideological issue. They believe it expands the roll of government too far," said Manning.

Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, Kirk Jowers says while the ACA may influence voters, there are other, more pressing issues on their minds.

"It's not as motivating right now. People are more concerned about the international issues, the dysfunction, jobs, the economy," said Jowers. 

From a strategic standpoint Jowers says democratic candidates know it is an issue.

"Most of the democratic senate candidates competing in red states, republican states have been pretty clever at distancing themselves from Obamacare and getting out of town when president Obama comes to their state," said Jowers. 

Manning says for republican candidates it's an opportunity. 

"Americans are open minded to solutions and if republicans can emphasize they have other solutions and they support other solutions then they could change the minds of people who once supported the Affordable Care Act, but who now may have become disillusioned," said Manning.

Even though Jowers thinks the ACA won't be the main issue this election he is predicting a changing of the guard. 

He believes republicans will take control of the senate and increase their majority in the house.