(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Ahead of Saturday's Louisiana Senate run-off, Independent Women's Voice releases two separate Louisiana Senate run-off polls, both showing a steep lead for Republican challenger Bill Cassidy (26 and 24 percentage points) over three-term incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu, signaling a defeat that could be the biggest landslide loss by any incumbent Democrat in the 2014 cycle. 

IWV Louisiana Senate run-off election surveys were conducted by GEB International andWPA Opinion Research.

GEB/IWV SURVEY of 850 LIKELY VOTERS (Nov. 20, 2014)

– GOP challenger U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy trouncing Landrieu by 26 percentage points (60-34%)  

– Landrieu is losing a quarter of her own party. Cassidy's support goes well beyond Republicans (92%) to include 66% of Independents and 25% of Democrats.

– Landrieu is losing among women by 19 points. Among Independent women she is losing by 38 points. 22% of Democrat women say they are voting for Cassidy.

– 62% of likely voters view Landrieu unfavorably (69% of Independents, 26% of Democrats)  

– Landrieu is on the wrong side of two of the biggest issues for likely voters.Voters say illegal immigration is the biggest issue facing the nation as a whole. One a personal side they believe ObamaCare and the issue off increasing health care premiums are the biggest issue that they are their families are facing.  

– President Obama’s decision to defer deportation for up to five million illegal immigrants by executive action clearly hurts Landrieu. By 77-17% (92-5% among Republicans, 60-32% among Democrats, and 83-11% among Independents), Louisiana voters said that “No American President, Democrat or Republican, should ever go around the law, no matter how important the issue, except where the Constitution specifically authorizes him to do so."

WPA/IWV SURVEY of 500 LIKELY VOTERS (Nov. 24-25, 2014)

– Bill Cassidy has 24 point lead over Landrieu (55-33%)  

 Landrieu losing among all gender age groups. Men ages 18-54, 31-56%. Men over 55, 28-61%. Women ages 18-54, 32-61%. Women over 55, 40-50%. Independents 23-67%. 


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