(Washington D.C.) – Independent Women's Voice President and CEO Heather R. Higgins released the following statement congratulating Repeal Pledge signer Rep. Bill Cassidy, M.D., on his victory in today’s runoff election for U.S. Senate in Louisiana:

“On behalf of Independent Women's Voice, I congratulate Rep. Cassidy on his win tonight. His decision to sign the Repeal Pledge demonstrated to voters a much-appreciated commitment to rolling back the government take-over of our health care system and returning power to patients and doctors, and they thanked him for it with their votes.

"Senator Mary Landrieu cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare, even after her bribe – the so-called ‘Louisiana Purchase,’ which would have required a massive expansion of Medicaid in her home state – was exposed publicly. Louisianans, in their first opportunity to register their disapproval of her deciding vote, took the opportunity to do so, and sent her packing.??

“This is not surprising,” continued Higgins. “All over the nation this year, from North Carolina to Alaska, from West Virginia to Colorado, Senate Democrats who voted to impose ObamaCare on America were defeated and/or replaced by Republicans who wrapped their votes for ObamaCare around their necks. This law remains extremely unpopular for good reason, and American voters won’t be satisfied until it has been repealed and Washington has started over.”

Prior to today's election, the Independent Women's Voice commissioned a survey of Louisiana voters, conducted by GEB International, that showed GOP challenger U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy M.D. trouncing Landrieu by 26 percentage points. According to the survey, Louisiana voters believed that ObamaCare and, to a lesser extent, the related issue of increasing health care premiums are the biggest issue that they and their families are facing. The GEB poll showed that the single best line of attack against Mary Landrieu was that she cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare – that hurt her even more than did the fact that she voted with President Obama 97% of the time.

The Repeal Pledge advocates not just repeal, but defunding, deauthorizing, and dismantling the misleadingly-titled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enacted in early 2010. The Repeal Pledge was designed as a litmus test to help the American public understand which candidates and office holders are serious about repeal, versus those who claim to be but won't actually take action. Signers of the Repeal Pledge believe that this law cannot be "fixed," and believe that stopping its implementation and ultimately repealing it are necessary first steps to ensure that citizens and their doctors, not government bureaucrats, have choice and control over their health care, and that medical care in our country becomes more affordable and available.??For more information on The Repeal Pledge, including a complete list of signers, please visit TheRepealPledge.com.?


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