Independent Women’s Voice, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for mainstream women, men and families, strongly supports the Ratepayer Protection Act of
2015. This legislation represents a commonsense measure that will safeguard affordability and reliability for American families and businesses by preventing exposure to massive electricity rate hikes, reduced reliability, and other adverse consequences of the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan. Thank you for your leadership in addressing this important issue.

The Clean Power Plan aims to reduce overall U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030, and would create significant increases to the cost of energy production and ultimately for all energy consumers. A recent study published by NERA Economic Consulting found that electricity costs are expected to rise by as much as $366 billion between 2017 and 2031 if this plan takes effect, and 43 states could see double-digit rate increases each year.

Notably, the Ratepayer Protection Act would allow for judicial review of any EPA rule addressing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric utility generating units before requiring compliance with the rule. States would also not be required to implement a compliance plan if the governor finds it would have significant negative effects on ratepayers or reliability.

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