IWV Launched AskHillary.com
What Does America Want The Media To Ask Hillary?

WASHINGTON DC – Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States, hardly ever answers questions from the media. On the rare occasions she does, it is only to answer selective softball questions including, incredibly, an inquiry as to her favorite flavor of ice cream. That's why Independent Women's Voice launched a new Website – AskHillary.com. As first announced this morning in Politico Playbook, the site uses an online bulletin board system to crowd-source questions, rank them, and encourage Washington reporters to ask Hillary.

“It seems it can be difficult for many Washington, D.C. reporters to know what’s important to the rest of us,” said Heather Higgins, President and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice. “They may take some facts for granted and consider certain issues less important than the ‘horse race’ aspects of political campaigns. The public doesn’t want to know who is polling up or down, or inside baseball on campaign dynamics. They want answers to tough and salient policy, judgment and charter questions. At AskHillary.com we let Americans be clear about exactly what they want the media to ask.  And while Hillary won't yet say who was contacted for foundation donations at the same time having interests pending, we hope reporters will ask enough that eventually she’ll answer these questions.”

The site uses a Reddit-style format where users can submit their own questions and up-vote others' questions so the press corps can quickly extract what’s most important to the people who should matter most.

IWV is exploring offering additional sites for other presidential candidates as the national conversation continues.


AskHillary.com, a project of the Independent Women’s Voice, was created to highlight questions that the public wants the media to ask Hillary Clinton.

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