October 26, 2015
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New Website Sheds Light On ObamaCare Troubles
Giving A Voice To Those Harmed By ObamaCare

Higgins: “The millions of Americans and their families who have been adversely affected by the ironically named “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act” deserve a better healthcare system, and, certainly deserve to have their voices heard.”

WASHINGTON D.C. — Launching today, a new multi-layered online initiative from the Independent Women’s Voice,, invites the public to share their stories of real life experiences with the healthcare law, giving a face to the millions harmed by the law’s broken promises.

President Obama promised that if we liked our plan, we could keep it, but millions of Americans then had their health insurance policies cancelled. Individuals and families were assured ObamaCare would be affordable, but too many have suffered staggering insurance cost increases. Then, Americans discovered their doctor networks and prescription coverage were being limited under ObamaCare. Many poor cancer patients have discovered that now that they are “covered”, it is illegal for cancer treatment centers to give them real treatment as charity, but only are served at places that shunt them to hospice to die rather than treating them.  After more than five years of health reform, Americans have proof that all of these promises have consistently been broken. 

“Time and again, we have learned that ObamaCare won't actually do what its proponents promised it would. Americans can expect more broken promises to come,” IWV CEO and President Heather R. Higgins said. “ObamaCare provides neither ‘patient protection’ or ‘affordable care.’ A promise of care that no one will fulfill is no promise, and choices that are only lousy options you never wanted isn’t a choice. Americans and their families who have fallen victim to the law deserve a better healthcare system, and in the meantime, certainly deserve to have their voices heard.”

In 2013, IWV launched My Cancellation, which featured submissions from Americans across the country who received letters from their health insurance providers notifying them that their plans – that they liked – would be cancelled due to ObamaCare. Thousands sent IWV their stories, representing the experience of millions nationwide.  Unfortunately, since that time, there have been even more broken ObamaCare promises, and the American people are the ones paying the price.

Broken ObamaCare Promises asks anyone who has been impacted by any of ObamaCare’s staggering harms to submit their story to [email protected].  Video testimonials are encouraged. 


Broken ObamaCare Promises is committed to giving a voice to all Americans who have been harmed by ObamaCare. Broken ObamaCare Promises is an initiative of Independent Women’s Voice’s A Bridge to Better Healthcare project. Independent Women’s Voice is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for mainstream women, men and families. IWV is the sister organization of the Independent Women’s Forum.