Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins, responding to Matt Bevin’s upset victory in the Kentucky gubernatorial contest this evening, offered congratulations to Bevin and issued the following statement:

“Congratulations to Matt Bevin, who ran a smart, disciplined campaign that drew sharp distinctions on ObamaCare – which turned out to be one of the key issues of the day. Despite being outspent by a wide margin, Bevin’s focus on repealing the state’s Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare – combined with the fact that Bevin was the only candidate to sign the IWV ObamaCare Repeal Pledge – made clear to Kentucky voters the choice they faced.

"This was a hugely important race. As an off-year bellwether, and the first time ObamaCare supporters tried to use Medicaid expansion as a plus, it serves as a warning for liberal politicians at all levels – your support for ObamaCare is still going to cost you. Contrary to the expectations of the punditocracy, ObamaCare is still a voting issue. And the voters just don’t like it.

"Independent Women’s Voice is happy to have played a role in educating Kentucky citizens over the last week of the campaign of the unfair costs and damages done by ObamaCare, and looks forward to more educational efforts in the future."