WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today ABC News will announce whether or not Republican candidate Carly Fiorina will be the only candidate excluded from the New Hampshire GOP debate on Saturday, February 6. Their rules are based on national polling plus "top three" in Iowa, and so ignore the fact that Carly has the same number of delegates coming out of Iowa as Jeb Bush and John Kasich, and more than Chris Christie, and is polling ahead of Christie and Kasich in New Hampshire.

Heather R. Higgins, President and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, released the following statement:

It is way too early to proclaim candidate tiers, particularly based on national polling, aka a feedback loop of name recognition. ABC wants to ignore primary voters and squeeze out good candidates based on a metric that doesn’t matter – polls, versus one that truly does: caucus and primary results.

Carly’s performance in Iowa earned her as many delegates as Bush and Kasich, and more than Christie, and the RNC ought to demand that she be included or refuse to let ABC carry the debate.