March 1, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC — Tonight, The American Spectator awarded Independent Women's Voice President and CEO Heather R. Higgins with the John Von Kannon Service to the Movement Award for her tireless work standing for liberty and limited government, and for her support

The award was presented at the widely attended Robert Leroy Bartley Gala, held Tuesday evening, March 1, at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C.

The John Von Kannon Award is named for the conservative legend who was integral in building two pillars of the conservative movement, The American Spectator and the Heritage Foundation. Each year The American Spectator honors his memory by recognizing heroes of the conservative movement who, by their intellectual commitment and courage, sustain conservatism.

“This year, we recognize Heather Higgins whose support of organizations like The American Spectator, Independent Women’s Forum, and many other worthy causes make her an incomparable force for good in conservatism,” said Donald Rieck, president of The American Spectator. “She has shown resourcefulness and intelligence in fighting the good fight.”

Higgins is the chairman of Independent Women's Forum and the president and CEO of Independent Women's Voice, a 501c4, dedicated to expanding support for, and then winning, policy and political campaigns that advance prosperity, freedom, and greater choices.