Everyone wants to help parents make ends meet.  But subsidizing daycare providers – as has been proposed by candidate Hillary Clinton – is the wrong way to do it.  As IWV’s Carrie Lukas writes (with UVA Professor Stephen Rhoads) in National Affairs, there is convincing research that shows that daycare subsidies leads to poorer outcomes for kids and families, and those negative effects don’t fade away but remain for years, even decades, later.  Rather than pushing more parents to use paid daycare providers, policymakers should be finding better ways to help parents, such as by increasing child tax credits, regardless of whether they work or stay home to raise their kids. 

Parents deserve to make decisions about their children’s care based on the best information possible.  Please be sure to read Carrie’s whole article, and then click on the social media icons below to share this important story with your friends and family.