What if I told you that the government was ignoring a real, serious threat to America that could bring life as we know it to a grinding halt?  If that sounds far-fetched to you, here's my colleague Heather Madden to tell you more:

Imagine you’re driving down the interstate, and suddenly, your car comes to a halt. You pick up your cell phone to call a family member for help, but you don’t have service. Then, when you look up, you see that all vehicles are also stopped. It’s 96 degrees out so you decide to walk to the nearest gas station to grab a bottled water only to find that your debit card has been rendered useless.

Believe it or not, this scenario is a very real possibility. EMPs—pulses of electromagnetic energy created by natural or manmade causes, such as a terrorist attack—have the potential to critically damage our electrical grid and catastrophically disrupt communications, transportation, emergency services, and food and water supplies, virtually destroying the world we live in today.

If that sounds like a plot out of the Fox TV show 24, you're right — counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer had to contend with EMPs twice during the show's run.  But while this has all the makings of a great TV drama, it's a very real threat.  And unlike TV, there's no Jack Bauer there to save us at the last minute. 

We need the government to take seriously its responsibility to protect Americans from this kind of catastrophic attack.  That begins with awareness.

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