Today, the White House is holding a summit to discuss the challenges facing women in the United States, and encouraging the public to use the hashtag #StateofWomen to follow the events. There’s certainly lots to talk about since American women face huge problems, including rising ObamaCare premiums and lost health insurance coverage, as well as too few job opportunities.

As IWV’s Carrie Lukas writes today in Forbes, “what women really need is a fresh approach to their challenges with a focus on providing women with more opportunity, true flexibility and greater control of resources.”

The Independent Women’s Forum, our sister organization, recently released a new report, Working for Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Women’s Lives, that lays out dozens of positive conservative policy reforms that would help women by removing destructive red tape and return power to individuals.

Please share this report in the #StateofWomen hashtag using one of the suggested tweets below (or one of your own) so that a conservative, positive vision for women is a part of today’s summit: