"Fascinating" is opposite things occurring simultaneously. This year’s presidential debates have that: fun AND deadly serious. Trump has turned Presidential debates into appointment television.

The media says they want a focus on policy, (and I personally would love it if Trump would point out how Obamacare is collapsing and we will get single payer if Hillary wins.) But hey, that’s me.

Those are crocodile tears: the networks know that dull debates won’t drive viewership. And the candidates know that this is about winning the audience.

Their real concern is:

For loyal fans: How do I give you what you want and expect, plus some surprises to remind you why you like yourself for having supported me.

For those on the fence: How do I help you answer: "Who can I vote for and still like myself?"

So bring out the popcorn, and let the deadly serious games begin!

Heather Richardson Higgins is President and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice.