There are few things in life less fun than an encounter with the IRS.

If you're not signing up for ObamaCare insurance, you might want to prepare yourselves for the IRS to reach out and nudge you.  From Grace-Marie Turner in Forbes:

As many as 20 million Americans soon will be getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service “suggesting” they sign up for ObamaCare insurance.

Getting a letter from the IRS can be a threatening and nerve-racking experience; it seldom is seen as a suggestion and more of a threat.  But at President Obama’s direction, the IRS is “reaching out” to people who paid the tax penalty for not buying mandatory health insurance or who claimed an exemption in hopes of “attracting” more people to sign up for ObamaCare insurance.  The government is particularly interested in compliance from healthy young people.

It's bad enough that Americans everywhere have to endure the consequences of ObamaCare, particularly the spiking premiums.  But now the heavy hand of the IRS is involved. And they’re “suggesting” that people who might not even be able to afford ObamaCare plans purchase them. If they don’t, they’ll be in the ranks of the 8.1 million Americans who paid the IRS $1.7 billion in ObamaCare penalties.

This must stop.  And it stops when we repeal and replace ObamaCare.

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