Desperate times call for desperate measures.  And, for President Obama and his signature piece of legislation — ObamaCare — the times have never been more desperate. 

Last week yet another ObamaCare co-op plan announced it would shutter, this time in New Jersey.  This marks the 17th co-op to collapse, leaving only six still in operation.  As a result, 35,000 New Jerseyans are forced to search for new healthcare plans in a market where options are increasingly thin and expensive.

All of this chaos has contributed to President Obama making a last-ditch effort to stop the complete collapse of ObamaCare:

With no lifeline coming from the divided Congress, Obama and his administration are redoubling their pleas for insurers to shore up the federal health care law and pushing uninsured Americans — especially younger ones — to sign up for coverage. The administration is nervously preparing for its final Obamacare open-enrollment season just a week before Election Day, amid a cascade of headlines about rising premiums, fleeing insurers and narrowing insurance options.

You'd almost feel bad for him if it wasn't his wrong-headed law that created this mess.  But instead, his hail-mary attempt to avoid disaster is more like Lt. Frank Drebin in the movie The Naked Gun, telling onlookers "Please disperse! There's nothing to see here!" as a fireworks factory explodes behind him.  

The American people know ObamaCare is failing, because they're experiencing it.  They're the ones paying ever-increasing premiums.  They're the ones forced to find new plans when their co-op fails.

President Obama can't save ObamaCare.  No one can.  The only way forward is full and complete repeal of ObamaCare, replacing it with market-based healthcare solutions that work for all Americans.

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