One of the central components of ObamaCare is the individual mandate.  You are legally required, under the law, to purchase health care insurance.  If you don't, you're subject to a fine by the IRS, which averages $969 in 2016.

You'd think that a law that requires people to purchase insurance would at least succeed in meeting it's enrollment goals.  But you would be wrong.  From Guy Benson at

In January, we reported that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had downgraded its forecast for Obamacare enrollments by eight million people, with many consumers deciding that the 'Affordable' Care Act was just too costly. The official protections were slashed by another million in March. Among the millions of Americans who have signed up for the law since 2013, a large percentage of them were covered before the law evicted them from their existing plans, in contravention of a central presidential promise. By one important measure, Obamacare's overall enrollment performance has undershot initial actuarial forecasts by 24 million people. And as taxpayers shell out $2 trillion to pay for a failing, unpopular law, CBO has also determined that the number of uninsured Americans is expected to rise from 26 million to 28 million between 2017 and 2026.

And for all the people looking for an ObamaCare plan for next year, they are likely to find fewer options to choose from at even higher costs.

Not so affordable, is it?

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