Our sister organization, the Independent Women's Forum, along with the Network of Enlightened Women, has just released a new report called "Working for Young Women."  The policies put forth in the report are designed to help young Americans achieve their dreams by creating the conditions that promote a fairer, more dynamic society with greater opportunity and more freedom for people like them.

NeW President & Founder and IWF Senior Fellow Karin Agness discusses the report here in Forbes:

Take health insurance. According to a Gallup poll published in August, only half of millennials plan to stay with their company one year from now. Changing health insurance regularly is a headache. Millennials should advocate for unlinking health insurance from employment.

Or student loans. Despite increases in government loans, which are intended to make college more affordable, college costs keep rising. Approximately 70 percent of graduates leave college with student loan debt, averaging $30,000. There seems to be an endless number of administrators, deans and provosts on college campuses. Millennials should push for accountability in higher education and make cost-conscious decisions. For example, Purdue University President Mitch Daniels imposed tuition freezes to force Purdue to rethink spending. This caused pressure on other universities in Indiana to freeze tuition as well for fear of losing good students.

Conservative policy reforms will benefit young people, including young women. These policies are about returning power to individuals and creating a more flexible, dynamic society.

I encourage you to check out the complete report here on IWF's website.

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