FIRST IN PULSE: Fifty-plus conservative groups call on Congress to 'stop Obamacare bailouts.' A new letter this morning urges lawmakers to impose new controls on payouts for insurance companies participating in Obamacare markets. The letter is led by Freedom Partners and co-signed by more than four dozen groups, including Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works.

What the groups want: 
— For lawmakers to pass the Taxpayers Before Insurers Act (S. 2803, HR 5904), which would recover $5 billion paid out through the reinsurance program. 
— For Congress to pass legislation that would prevent the administration from using the “Judgment Fund” or any other taxpayer dollars to give money to insurers

… “Groups that cosigned our letter represent a wide range of Americans who are concerned about the size and scope of the federal government,” said James Davis of Freedom Partners in a statement. “We’ll be watching closely to see if Congress heeds our call to put taxpayers ahead of insurance companies.”

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