Here's what you should have been thinking today and all through the debate: Will it even matter?

Because however tonight polls, the Democrats will not let 20 days go to waste, and you know the next carefully choreographed accusation about Trump is being craftily cradled, and will just happen to drop shortly after this debate.

Who was the winner? Chris Wallace. So much better, serious, evenhanded moderating than any of the previous attempts. Breadth of topics, and digging in, all very well-done.

Regarding Trump saying he'd "wait and see" about the election outcome: Of course he responded that way! Anything else would have run contrary his entire reason for being a candidate: standing up to a corrupt system, uncowed, and fighting for fairness. So if Trump loses, expect him — as his supporters will — to first verify that he actually lost, that they weren't cheated — and only then accept defeat. Anything less and they'd wonder what happened to their champion.

Heather Richardson Higgins is president and CEO of Independent Women's Voice.