Later today, President Obama will speak in Miami on how to "fix" his signature piece of legislation: ObamaCare.

Battling a barrage of negative headlines about rising health insurance premiums and shrinking doctor networks for people participating in the program, Obama is urging more young, uninsured people to sign up for the subsidized insurance plans offered under the law.

He also wants to encourage lawmakers to create a government-run health insurance option to help U.S. states where there is little or no competition among private insurers.

There's just one major problem here.  There's no fixing ObamaCare.

ObamaCare is producing exactly the results that many of us predicted it would.  People have seen their plans cancelled.  Premiums have spiked.  Exploding costs to health insurance companies have caused many insurers to pull out of the exchanges, leaving some people with only a single expensive option to comply with the law's mandate to purchase health insurance.

And the addition of a so-called "public option" will only make matters worse.

There's only one way to fix ObamaCare.  And that's full and complete repeal, replacing it with market-based solutions that will actually make health care affordable for all Americans.

To help make ObamaCare repeal a reality, please visit today to see if your congressman and senators have made the commitment and signed the pledge.