This last debate is Trump’s opportunity to salvage his standing with needed independents and women. Trump must be strong and humble and always throw in a few funny zingers.

He must say that he is not perfect, has made mistakes in his life for which he is sorry, and he must ask for the chance to work for us, because this is the last opportunity to take our country back. He must say he knows how to win and that it’s time all Americans, but especially those who have struggled and been left behind, get the chance for success they deserve.

He has a proven track record of setting goals, often against great odds, and achieving them; she has 30 years as a politician with little to show for it except her own piggy bank.

So expect this debate to have three themes: Liar, Corrupt, and Disrespect.

Liar: Per WikiLeaks, Crooked Hillary in her own words is even more a liar than painted. Whether global trade policy, the destruction of the Catholic Church in America, open borders, or her private and public positions — Trump should hammer her on each.

When a smiling Hillary invokes fact checkers, Trump will say: We don’t need them, we have WikiLeaks.

Corrupt: FBI, IRS, DNC, Media collusion, State Department access, bribes packaged as speaking fees, foundation contributions, and a foundation that claims transparency now shown as having dubious charity — and she did all this without being president.

Disrespect: Trump will say he will put American women first, unlike Hillary who has and will put global powers, powerful unions, and special interests ahead of American women.

Trump will show that he respects women by telling them the truth about the status of our country and by supporting policies that will help all women like more high paying jobs, good affordable health care (expect a lot about Obamacare), safe neighborhoods, child care, safety against terrorism, and outstanding education.

Heather Richardson Higgins is president and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice.