For Immediate Release:
November 9, 2016


IWV Applauds Kellyanne Conway’s Leadership and Success as First Female Presidential Campaign Manager
(Washington, D.C.) — Independent Women’s Voice congratulates Kellyanne Conway for her critical role in the successful Donald Trump presidential campaign.  Kellyanne was appointed to that role based purely on her talent and qualifications, without regard to her sex, but it is worth noting that Kellyanne is the first woman to lead a presidential campaign to victory. IWV’s President and CEO Heather R. Higgins released the following statement:  
“Kellyanne Conway was the ideal person to run the Trump presidential campaign.  Ever since she assumed her position in August, her impact could be seen as the candidate refocused on the issues that resonate with people and bringing needed change to Washington.  Kellyanne has particular insight into how women and all people hear and consider political and policy issues.  She was able to help her candidate connect with many women, minorities, and undecided voters, by showing his commitment to creating a better system with more opportunity and better options for all Americans.
“Kellyanne is uniquely gifted in her understanding what drives and motivates people in their own search for happiness and success in their own lives. Her strong skills as a researcher enabled her to see and interpret insights that others in her field did not or could not do. She helped Trump create and nourish a movement of people who shared a common belief in America first and who were looking for a leader who would go to Washington and make it work for THEM."
The Independent Women’s Voice is proud to have worked with Kellyanne and the Polling Company on numerous messaging and educational projects, and shares her commitment to communicating effectively with women and other key audiences. 
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