Irrespective of what may happen to ObamaCare when President-elect Trump and the new Congress are sworn in, it looks like an effort in California to open up ObamaCare to illegal immigrants is going to fail:

Time is running out for the administration to approve California’s push to allow illegal immigrants to use its Obamacare exchange, likely dooming the effort as President Obama prepares to hand the reins over to President-elect Donald Trump.

The 2010 health law specifically banned illegal immigrants from signing up for Obamacare, with Capitol Hill Democrats fearing at the time that it was too politically charged.

But California Democrats argue the politics have changed, and say denying illegal immigrants a chance to buy into Obamacare on their own dime is unfair.

“I know it’s not impossible. Now that our application is complete, we’re going to exercise any influence we have to see if we can make this happen,” said State Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Democrat who spearheaded legislation to create the waiver. “I’m going to remain hopeful until Jan 20.”

But if President-elect Trump and Congress keep their promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare, this issue is moot anyway.  That's what needs to be the top priority right now: full and complete repeal of ObamaCare to stop the harm that it is causing to millions of Americans.

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