The Washington Examiner is reporting that Congress is preparing for the final battle to repeal ObamaCare:

Republicans are trying to prime the ground for Obamacare repeal with a key message: The law was failing anyway.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, incoming Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and other top GOP leaders have kept up their barrage against the Affordable Care Act's premium increases and reduced competition, even after their massively successful election last month.

"This law is hurting families in America," Ryan said before Congress left Washington for the holidays.

Speaker Ryan is right. As we've documented at, this catastrophe of a law has harmed millions of Americans by throwing them off their health care plans, raising their premiums, and sucking more of their hard-earned money out of their pockets.

And now, putting an end to that is within sight. Can you act today to make sure it happens?

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If there's one thing that President-elect Trump and the new Congress have a mandate for, it's repealing ObamaCare. But we know how politicians can be. That's why Independent Women's Voice created the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge. It's a tool to help hold our politicians accountable.

We can hope they'll do the right thing. Or we can be prepared to hold their feet to the fire.

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After six long years, we're finally nearing the end of the ObamaCare fight. And now we need you to help us bring it home.

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