As if the outcome of the November election wasn't enough proof, a new poll from American Action Network has found that a majority of Americans want Congress to repeal and replace ObamaCare:

The majority of Americans support repealing and replacing ObamaCare, or at least significantly modifying the law, a new American Action Network poll reveals.

According to the poll, which was detailed by the The Hill, 54 percent of voters told the conservative AAN that they would like to see the law completely repealed or undergo significant changes. Only 43 percent said the law is fine as-is or requires only minor tweaks.

When asked if they would support a repeal of ObamaCare if a replacement were passed simultaneously and if Americans would get to keep their existing coverage for a transition period, the number of respondents who said they support a repeal of President Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment spiked to 70 percent.

Now, we have to make sure that Congress does what they have promised.

Go here to contact your congressman and your senators and tell them you're expecting them to vote to repeal and replace ObamaCare at the first opportunity.